Health Economic and Outcome Research

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) pertains to the responsibility of pharmaceutical and life science organizations to generate adequate evidence on the value and affordability of their new medical interventions to guide the decision making of various stakeholders such as government authorities and local healthcare payers. The ultimate goal of HEOR is to ensure that the general public receives affordable access to effective medical interventions which meet the objectives of all healthcare stakeholders.

Health Economics pertains to skills or services related to economic evaluations in developmental or observational studies and patient-reported outcome measurements (PROs). PROs are recorded in clinical trials with the help of psychometrically validated tools. The data gathered typically involves information on the multidimensional aspects of patient symptoms such as treatment satisfaction, medical adherence, and quality of life.

In order to draw cutting-edge insights for health economic and outcome research purposes, the right technological tools and clinical expertise are required.

Clinixir specializes in analyzing economic data and evaluating the value of healthcare interventions. We provide you with insights needed to make informed healthcare coverage and access decisions. Our clinical expertise will help you develop effective market access strategies to drive proper healthcare decisions backed by scientific evidence.

We offer a wide range of HEOR services – conducting studies to generate reports on cost utility analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, cost benefit analysis, and budget impact analysis. These reports inform the decision making of sponsors, guide the development of new strategies, provide insights on market access, and help to set a framework for the reimbursement of sponsor products. In addition, our HEOR experts – who work closely with market access specialists – will advise you on the design, meta-analytics, modeling, and observational studies of your clinical trial, to ensure that you produce informative and actionable data for all healthcare stakeholders.